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Beautiful Skin Imagined! Beautiful Skin Realized!

Perfect RX is dedicated to providing quality skin care products with an emphasis on maintaining a youthful, healthy, vibrant appearance. Our goal is to provide aging skin with proper nutrients, antioxidants, growth stimulators and cutting-edge ingredients to slow and reverse damage that occurs with time. At Perfectrx we pick and choose from over one hundred active ingredients to make the best possible products. From hi-tech lab created proteins to plant extracts from the Amazon we have used the best ingredients to create the most effective product line in the world. Skin care companies spend an overwhelming amount of their resources on marketing and packaging. Perfectrx turns the standard model on its head by spending our money where it counts, in the ingredients that go into the product. We use science and not hype to create the best products in the world and we pass on the advertising savings to our customers.

PerfectRX achieves this with cutting-edge research combining the highest percentages of all active ingredients. Reputable, independent and private companies around the world agree that Matrixyl 3000 with matrikines Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR, Palmitoyl Tri-peptide 3,Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), Amino Acids, Oglio Peptides, Hexa-Peptides (Argirilene) and Copper Tripeptide 1, Vitamin C and DMAE are indisputably superior! Our Products deliver superior results which tighten and thicken skin, reduce crepe' skin, fine lines and moderate to deep wrinkles. We are so confident you will be happy with the younger looking you, we guarantee the results. Visit our FAQ section for more information.

All active ingredients in our Face Perfect line are proven by the World Congress of Dermatology to give superior, rapid results. Our Face Perfect line incorporates the latest generation of active ingredients in the highest concentration available. Our products contain more that twice the amount of active ingredients as our competitors at half the cost!

We also offer a detailed recommendation on specific products for specific skin types along with a suggested daily regiment on our Recommendations page.