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Night Perfect Serum

Night Perfect Serum Night Perfect Serum
15 ml. bottle

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Looking for the perfect night serum? This is it. Perfectrx Night Serum has the highest concentration of peptides available. Recommended for the reconstructure of the dermal matrix. Biopeptides Pal GHK and Pal GQPR stimulate collagen and glycosamine synthesis resulting in firming and anti-wrinkle action. Thanks to protein and glycan neosynthesis, skin grows thicker, firmer and wrinkles become smoother. These Biopeptides stimulates fibroblasts mobility and is particularly active on skin suppleness. Our topical ingredients out-perform Retin-A and Lipid Soluble Vitamin C without irritation to the skin.

Clinically proven more effective than retinoids and Vitamin C, peptides can help reduce and smooth the look of wrinkles, help repair, smooth, brighten and thicken skin by stimulating collagen production up to 327% and hyaluronic acid production up to 267%.

Skin Types: Dry, Normal or Combination

Directions: Recommended for night time use but may be applied during the day. Apply to a clean dry face starting with the eyelids, then apply evenly to the entire face, neck and chest.